Forever Electro-hydraulic is a company based on hydraulic servo and automatic motion control technology, equipped with related upper computer control software, committed to forging press, die casting machine, testing machine and other high-end intelligent equipment industry, and strive to become a hydraulic servo control expert, to help China Manufacturing 2025 industrial upgrading.nnovation and industrialization of electrical drive technology, provides servo products and solutions for the field of motion control & energy conversion.

The company has a professional hydraulic, electrical design team, according to customer needs to customize different functions of hydraulic pump station, servo cylinder, servo control system and host computer software, advanced design concept to achieve the standardization, serialization and modularization of hydraulic servo pump station. Faster to provide customers with good service, and to provide customers with free product use and maintenance training. At the same time, the company maintains long-term and extensive strategic cooperation with American DELTA, PARKER and other hydraulic control manufacturers.

In order to ensure the accuracy of control, the company and foreign sensor experts jointly develop a new generation of high-precision magnetostrictive displacement sensors, which are widely used in metallurgy, machine tools, hydraulic machinery, food and beverage, wind power generation, petrochemical and other industries, and continue to add value to customers' products.


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The company grows with employees, customers and partners with innovative thinking, honest concept and inclusive mentality to achieve win-win situation forever. We work together forever!


In 2011, Forever was born in Wuxi. In 2023, Forever is closer than ever to achieving the great dream of a leading brand in the hydraulic servo industry.

In a fleeting instant, twenty-two years have passed. It may not be long for a company, but it is not a short time for a growth high-tech enterprise with ambitious goals. A "perpetual motion motor" may never be created, but "perpetual technology" is not an extravagant hope. Through twenty-two years of technological transformation, innovation and development, All Physis people have gradually grasped the core technology and continued to expand its business. Now, Physis has become a group innovative high-tech enterprise with a number of holding subsidiaries at home and abroad, covering various fields of automation control, motion control and energy conversion.

In a flash, twelve years may not be long for an enterprise; But as a growing high-tech enterprise with ambitious goals, it is not short. "Cooperation once" is not our goal, but "cooperation forever" is not a luxury.

Twelve years of technological transformation, innovation and development, Forever people gradually master the core technology, does not break the frontier, covering automation control, motion control and hydraulic sensing and other fields of innovative high-tech enterprises.

I hope that our companies will always remember our "ethical Charter" and uphold the values of "responsibility, innovation, openness and sharing". Always committed to technology-centric innovation and industrialization, to provide system products and comprehensive solutions for the field of servo motion control; Adhering to the entrepreneurial concept of "competition only talent", we have always been committed to the strong ability into, the ability, everyone can become the enterprise culture, so that the cohesion of the enterprise into the talent power to support the development of the enterprise, so that every Forever people can become the pride and benchmark of the industry. This is the original intention of Forever people, and it is Forever's eternal strength!